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A (very) helpful tool for event planning

A (very) helpful tool for event planning

If your church runs large events that have lots of moving parts, where the tasks need completing at similar points year to year, here is a helpful template that you can use to keep track of progress in a visual way.

The Google Sheet template is available here. It has been partly filled in based off running an annual conference to give you an idea. You can then modify this to add in your own steps, and also add in other side-projects in the other sections.

A few notes on how it is setup:

  1. The start date in G4 is currently set to =DATE(yyyy, m, d) - the start of the 'year' of the event being organised.

    • This impacts the purple vertical line that is set up to automatically move along depending on the nearest Monday to today's date - showing the tasks that should be underway or completed.

    • Adjust this date in cell G4 to the preferred starting point.

    • Unfortunately the month and Quarter cells above the date need to be changed manually.

  2. % Completed can be manually adjusted (0-100) as a visual guide on how completed the task is.

  3. To set a timeframe across the date ‘rows’, merge the cells horizontally and set a colour as desired.

  4. Add notes to cells to remember things next time around.

If you do end up using this template, let us know how you go!

The first 5 things you need to do church admin well

The first 5 things you need to do church admin well

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