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Review | Survey Monkey

Review | Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is a great online survey creating tool. 


Some key features include: 

  • Many options in the way are asked and answered (multiple choice, short answer, select more than one etc) 

  • Various methods of inputting contacts to send the survey to

  • The ability to print the form as a pdf for members who may not feel confident going online as well as giving you a link to the survey to post on social media etc. 

  • An option to easily send to those who have not yet completed the survey.

Who might benefit most from using the software

It can be used by churches and ministries in a variety of ways, however I mostly use it to collect availabilities and information in order to write a roster. I set it up to ask people how often they want to serve, in what areas they’d like to serve and to select any weeks they know they are not available for the upcoming period. This takes the user about 3 minutes to fill in. It, of course, takes me a lot longer to make a roster based on that information, but it is very effective in reducing the number of ‘swaps’ that people need to do. Other uses could be to survey people about dates they are available for a church camp, ask people what they enjoyed in the sermon series, get people in the community to answer questions about church – or even ask questions to the church, and so on. 

I find it’s easy to add contact lists for getting the survey out to either a target list, or as a weblink to the general public. 


Areas of improvement / Weaknesses

It doesn’t get 5 stars from me as it does cost a fair amount to use the service, and it is also not a very intuitive system to use. Once you are familiar with it, it’s great! But it took some re-reading instructions each time to know how to get some things done. The results appear in a giant Excel spreadsheet and may take some time to organise into a way that is helpful to you, depending on what your purpose is.  

This tool is great for helping create rosters and gaining information from your people however it takes time to learn how to use it well for your purpose.
A (very) helpful tool for event planning

A (very) helpful tool for event planning

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