Sam Jensen.jpeg

Samantha Jensen

Founder of Virtual Church Assist, Sam wants to alleviate pastors from doing burdensome administrative tasks and won't stop searching for, and creating, the perfect solutions to do so.


Chris Haines

Chris assists with the running of an Anglican conference in the UK. He is passionate about equipping churches and their members to do admin more effectively, so they can spend more time proclaiming the good news of Jesus.

Georgia Condie.jpg

Georgia Condie

Having worked in both a church context, and for various Christian organisations, Georgia has experience designing with the Gospel in mind! She is passionate about churches communicating well, and having the right tools to do so.


Ed Johnson.jpg

Ed Johnson

Director of Exdia Bookkeeping Services and expert in church financial services, Ed enjoys coming into a situation that’s complex or chaotic and seeing it transformed to simplicity and order.

Amanda Hunter.jpg

Amanda Hunter

Amanda has a passion to see people use their talents; especially encouraging ministers to focus on their gifts of preaching and teaching. She is keen to assist in utilising the most appropriate tools for churches to run efficiently.

Alison OpdeVeigh.jpg

Alison OpdeVeigh

Alison values finding the right balance between excellence, practicality, efficiency and cost. Alison is committed to getting things running as easily and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality. 

Maddy Galea.png

Madeleine Galea

Executive Assistant at Geneva Push church planting network and Business Manager at Kidswise, Maddy enjoys the combination of admin and ministry. Growing up in a ministry family, she has seen first hand the importance of freeing up ministers.

Ngaire Gardiner.jpg

Ngaire Gardiner

Communications & Content Writer, Ngaire has a passion for all stories to be heard, and loves to be able to help churches and ministry organisations share the most important story of all, the Gospel.

Dani Treweek.jpg

Dani Treweek

Dani has over 15 years of graphic design experience working mostly with churches and other ministry organisations. This puts her in the ideal position to advise and understand the design needs of churches as they seek to proclaim Jesus.


Andy Kerr

Communications staff at MBM Anglican Church in Rooty Hill, Sydney, Andy works hard to make sure those within the church family and those in the local community can easily access all that MBM is on about.